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Spring 2021 Registration FAQ


Q:  What is the league doing to keep our players safe regarding COVID-19?

A:  Please refer to our COVID-19 page which addresses the following topics:

    • Universal Guidelines
    • Policies for Coaches/Volunteers
    • Policies for Players
    • Policies for Families
    • Guidelines for practices, equipment, and restrooms
    • What to do if you believe your player has been exposed to COVID-19
    • Responsibility to report a COVID-19 positive test in a player or close contact of a player
    • Return to participation if a player tests positive, or is symptomatic, for COVID-19


Q:  How do I contact the registrar?

A:  The DLL Registrar can be reached at


Q:  When registering, what DLL division am I in?

A:  Players are assigned to American or National League teams depending on what part of Davis they live in. Check out the DLL Boundary Map here.


Q:  I don’t see the Juniors or Challenger Divisions listed for this season. Am I missing it somewhere?

A:  No, you are not

    • Juniors: At this time, we have put the Juniors division on hold for this season. Since they typically play other D64 Leagues, and many local leagues are still deciding whether to hold a season. We are watching this closely and will announce if we decide to create a Juniors Division during this unique season
    • Challenger: We are currently awaiting word from those coaches if they are planning to have a practice pod/team this season. DLL recognizes the unique challenges COVID has presented for this division so we defer to the experts, the parents, on what they’d like to do this season.


Q:  How do I register my child for Davis Little League?

A:  All registration is online Click here to log into your Sports Signup Play account.


Q.  I'm trying to register my son on the Sports Signup Play app and can't find where to do that.

A:  You cannot register your player or register to volunteer as a manager or coach on the SSU Play app. You must log in with a web browser. SSU Play is not optimized for devices, so we recommend logging in with a computer, not a device.


Q:  What is the DLL registration refund policy?

A:  All Refund requests must be communicated to the DLL registrar in writing. Email is an acceptable form of communication. * Requests received prior to the close of Regular Registration (i.e. not during the late registration period) will be granted less the processing fees charged to DLL. * A refund of 50% is available if a request is received prior to March 8, 2021 or by September 15th for fall ball. * After March 8, NO REFUNDS are allowed for voluntary withdrawal from the league. * Players who withdraw from the league due to injury prior to the middle of the season may request a 50% refund. Players who withdraw may NOT return to play even if injury is healed prior to the end of the season.


Q:  How will I know if my registration went through?

A:  There will be a confirmation in the registration process.  Also, if your credit card is billed that also confirms your registration went through.  If unsure, you can always contact the registrar at the email above.


Q:  When are Tryouts and who are they for?

A:  2021 Spring Tryouts will be Saturday, February 27, 2021 for Majors Players and Sunday, February 28, 2021 for AAA Players.

  • Only AAA and Majors attend tryouts
      • T-Ball, Farm, AA, do not have skills evaluations.
    • All players will be assigned to a team, regardless of their tryout performance. Help your child relax. This is just a way for the managers to get a quick look at your child's skills to help with competitive team balances at these levels.


Q:  Does my Majors or AAA child need to attend tryouts?  Even if they've attended before?

A:  Any player DLL age 10 or older, MUST attend the skill assessment, regardless of what level they have played at in the past. 


Q:  How do I know what my child's DLL age is?

A:  Download the 2021 Little League Age Chart here.


Q:  What level should my child play?

A:  Read more about the divisions below:

  • Majors is for kids who were assigned to a Majors team in the Spring 2020 Season OR who are ready to play in Majors in Spring 2021. Skill level is significantly higher than AAA. Play is faster and pitching becomes more consistent and accurate. Strategy becomes an integral part of the game.
    • NOTE - ALL LL Age 12 players must apply for Majors
  • AAA is for the players who are ready for AAA baseball.  This may include some players who played AAA last season as well as some who played AA. Kids move up to the big fields w/lights. Skill levels increase as does the speed of the game.  At this level, players start to understand strategy as the game has fewer restrictions than lower levels.
    • NOTE – LL Age 10 players are required to attend an evaluation session, even if your desire is to play in AA.
  • AA level is for those players who are not ready for AAA baseball and would benefit from a skills refresher. This AA Fall Ball level will stress skills development. There are NO TRYOUTS for AA players. Live pitching is introduced and kids move up on field size. Players become more familiar with positions. Plays are now being made on a consistent basis.
  • FARM is for players who are ready for real field play on a bigger field than T-Ball. They hit off a pitching machine, where pitches are usually accurate. Players do not walk, but they can strike out. Scores are kept and the players learn the trials and tribulations of winning and losing games.
  • T-Ball is for our youngest Little League players. This division is perfect for new players ages 4-6 years old. They start the season hitting off a tee, but they often graduate to a soft coach-pitch by the end of the season. Every player hits every inning, and every player plays in the field with the help of their parents to make plays and learn the game.


Q: How old does my child have to play to participate in the Davis Little League

A:   The Spring 2021 Davis Little League Season is for players ages 4-12. DLL adheres to the 2021 Little League Age Chart (attached below as well). PLEASE FIGURE OUR YOUR CHILD'S LL AGE BEFORE REGISTERING. Your child's LL age can be different from their actual age as our age chart flips over to the new year in September of every year.


Q:  My child wants to be on a team with his friends?  How can I arrange this?

A:  The only way to ensure that a friend can play with their buddy is for both parents to coach together.  Majors and AAA teams are formed by a tryout and draft process. AA and Farm teams are formed by the Divisional Reps with an eye to a competitive skill balance of all teams. There will always be a few players from each school on the team, but otherwise, baseball is all about making new friends and experiencing new coaching styles. The T-ball division is the exception where we will do our best to honor buddy requests, however no guarantees can be made in this area. We cannot have 15 players on one team and only 8 on another. Our T-ball rep has to make sure each team is balanced from a numbers perspective.


Q:  When will I be notified of my child's team placement?

A:   You should hear from your child's coach by Monday, March 8, 2021


Q:  Does DLL offer assistance with registration costs?

A:  DLL has a Registration Assistance Program (RAP).  Find out more here.


DLL Spring 2021 Baseball is currently open to all players with birthdates between September 2008 - August, 2017.


Regular Registration closes at the end of day on Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Late registration ($75 - non-refundable) will close at the end of the day on March 5, 2021.