Registration FAQ

UpdatedTuesday May 3, 2016 byDavis Little League.

Q:  How do I contact the registrar?
A:  The DLL Registrar can be reached at
Q:  When registering, what DLL division am I in?
A:  Players are assigned to American or National League teams depending on what part of Davis they live in.  You can see a boundary map here.
Q:  How do I register my child for Davis Little League?
A:  All registration is online.  Click here to go to the registration page.
Q:  What is the $20 Snack Shack Fee?
A:  New for the 2016 season, DLL will be coordinating all Snack Shack efforts by scheduling teen workers for every player/family.  To do this, each player’s registration fee will increase by $20. This amount will cover the Snack Shack obligation for each player during the entire season, including post-season playoffs and D64 tournaments.  This increase does not affect Juniors players.  If you would rather volunteer to work in the Snack Shack and have your $20 refunded to you, you have that option by signing up to work a 4-hour shift. Once your shift is completed, the $20 will be returned to you.
Q:  What is the DLL registration refund policy?
A:  All Refund requests must be communicated to the DLL registrar in writing. Email is an acceptable form of communication. * Requests received prior to the close of Open Registration will be granted less the processing fees charged to DLL. * A refund of 50% is available if a request is received prior to Opening Day or by September 15th for fall ball. * After Opening Day, NO REFUNDS are allowed for voluntary withdrawal from the league. * Players who withdraw from the league due to injury prior to the middle of the season may request a 50% refund. Players who withdraw may NOT return to play even if injury is healed prior to the end of the season.
Q:  I don't have a computer, how can I register?
A:  The Davis public library, at 315 E. 14th Street has computers that can be used free of charge.
Q:  How will I know if my registration went through?
A:  There will be a confirmation in the registration process.  Also, if your credit card is billed that also confirms your registration went through.  If unsure, you can always contact the registrar at the email above.
Q:  Does my child need to attend the "Skills Assessment Day"?  Even if they've attended before?
A:  Any player DLL age 9 or older, MUST attend the skill assessment, regardless of what level they have played at in the past. 
     * 9 year olds playing AA, do not need to attend a skill assessment *
Q:  How do I know what my child's DLL age is?
A:  Check the chart here.
Q.  My child doesn't have much experience.  What Division do you recommend?
A.  Check the recommendation chart here.
Q.  What is this new Intermediate - 50/70 Division?
A.  More information linked here.
Q:  I do not have a method of paying for registration online.  What do I do?
A:  Contact the registrar at
Q:  My child wants to be on a team with his friends?  How can I arrange this?
A:  The best way is for both parents to coach together.  Aside from that it varies by competitive level.  At the higher levels, AA and above, it is not possible due to the need to retain competitive balance.  For a farm/t-ball player, if you note it in the comments of your registration, DLL will do its best to accommodate the request.  However, do not count on or expect it as if there are too many requests of this nature, it makes putting together rosters too inefficient.
Q:  Does DLL offer assistance with registration costs?
A:  DLL has a Registration Assistance Program.  Find out more here.