League Boundaries

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Davis Little League Boundaries

During competitive spring seasons, players register within their boundary as a player for the American League or National Leaague. This designation is concrete and will be corrected if you accidentally registered for the wrong league. 

A larger map is available to download below. All schools and residences east of Pole Line are in the American League. All schools and residences west of Pole Line are in the National League

There are 2 qualifiers in selecting your player's appropriate boundary:

  • The player lives with their caregiver in either the AL or NL boundary, OR:
  • The player's school is located the AL or NL boundary

Most players live in, and go to school in, the same boundary. If you live in South Davis and go to elementary school in South Davis, or Harper, then your player is an American League Player. If you live in West Davis and your player goes to elementary school in West Davis, or Holmes/Emerson, then your player is a National League player.

Some players live in one boundary and go to school in another one. Here are some examples:

  • A player lives in South Davis (AL) but goes to Holmes, Emerson, or DaVinci (all NL schools)
  • A player lives Mace Ranch (AL) but goes to St. James or Waldorf (NL schools)
  • A player lives in West Davis (NL) and goes to Perigrin (AL school)

Familes in these situations can register for either league and that designation will be honored.

Players who live in Winters, Dixon, or Woodland cannot play in the Davis Little league unless one of the following conditions exist:

  • That player goes to school in Davis. They must register for American or National League based on the boundary where their school is located
  • The player obtains a league waiver from your home little league waiving the requirement that you play in your hometown. Please contact your home little league to obtain this form and signature
  • The hometown little league does not have a season at the same time as DLL. This is common for Fall Ball, where Winters and Dixon typically do not have fall ball seasons. In this instance, the player can register for DLL, even if they don't go to school here, for that individual season.
    • For Spring 2021, we do not have information at this time whether those leagues will be having a season. Please reach out to your individual LL boards to confirm they are NOT having a season before registring for DLL. No priorities are given to the order of registration. You have time to figure this out. 

All registrations will be screened before teams are assigned. As stated above, a player will be moved to the correct league if errors are noted.


National League - Red

American League - Blue


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