Spring 2020 Online Registration

Registration open 11/11/19 - 1/3/20

UpdatedMonday November 11, 2019 byDavis Little League.

Online Registration opens November 11, 2019

Spring Registration Dates and Costs

Regular Registration runs from November 11, 2019 through January 3, 2020.

Late Registration for AAA and Majors will run from 1/4/20 - 1/17/20.

Late Registration for T-Ball, Farm, AA, 50/70, Juniors, and Challenger will run from 1/4/20 - 2/28/20

  • Team placement is guaranteed for those registering before the regular registration deadline (1/3/20) only
  • Players registering during the late registration period will be waitlisted and placed on teams as spaces remain available.
  • Families will not be charged for placing the player on the waitlist after 1/3/20
  • A late registration fee of $30 will apply for all players added to a team after the regular season deadline of 1/3/20.  

Registering early saves you the late registration fee of $30 AND guarantees your player a spot on a team.

All registrations will be closed on February 28, 2020.


Little League Age

The Davis Little League is a co-ed league for players Ages 4-14 by 8/31/20 (so if your child is 3 but turns 4 by 8/31/20, they can play). Little League age is based on birthdates but turns over on September 1st every eyar. So your child's age may not match their LL age. Please refer to the new 2020 Little League Age Chart to determine your child's proper Little League Age.

Registration costs are:
"Mark Breckner" Teeball: $150
Farm, AA, AAA, and Majors: $200
Intermediate (50/70) and Juniors (60/90) Divisions: $250
Challenger (for children with special needs): $25

Divisions (Recommended Divisions)
Davis Little League offers 8 divisions: T-ball, Farm, AA, AAA, Majors, 50/70, Juniors, and Challenger. 
Age is one aspect to consider when deciding what division to place your child. If you are new to baseball, please refer to our Recommended Division Chart to determine what skills are recommended for each division. You may also refer to our Spring Registration FAQ page for more information on each available division.

Mark Breckner T-Ball Ages 4-6
Provides basic fundamentals of the game and introduces players to the concept of team play. This is a non-competitive league where players hit off a batting tee and no score is kept.

Farm - Ages 5-8
Players now bat off a pitching machine. The concepts from t-ball are expanded on and basic skills are developed further.

AA - Ages 7-9
Live pitching is introduced and kids move up on field size. Players become more familiar with positions. Plays are now being made on a consistent basis.

AAA - Ages 8-11
Kids move up to the big fields w/lights. Skill levels increase as does the speed of the game.  At this level players start to understand strategy as the game has less restrictions than lower levels.

Majors - Ages 9-12
Advanced play. Skill level is significantly higher than AAA. Play is faster and pitching becomes more consistent and accurate. Strategy becomes an integral part of the game.

Intermediate 50/70 - Age 13 Only
The 50/70 (Intermediate division), for players league-age 13 with postseason tournament opportunities, including a World Series, offers a transition for players between the standard Little League field size (46-foot pitching distance and 60-foot base paths) and the Junior/Senior/Big League field size (60-foot, 6-inch pitching distance and 90-foot base paths).

Juniors - Ages 13-14
The Junior League Baseball Division is a program for boys and girls ages 13-14, using a conventional 90-foot diamond with a pitching distance of 60 feet, 6 inches.

Challenger Division - Ages 4-18
For Players who need extra attention and support, this link has information about the DLL Challenger Division.

DLL Little League Age Chart

How to Register:

Log into your SportsSignUp Play account. You cannot do this from the SportsSignUp app on you phone. You must log into your account from a web browser. The site is also not optimized for mobile use, so we suggest you log in from a laptop or desktop. If you are new to Davis Little League, you will need to set up an account before moving forward.

When you log in and click on your player's name, you will see the divisions he can sign up for based on his age. If you have any questions about this or would like to access a division not shown to you, please email Jennifer Anderson, our Registrar, to discuss your options.