Terms & Conditions

UpdatedWednesday June 13, 2018 byDavis Little League.

Terms and Conditions

Reservations are restricted to 2 hours per day (on any field) with a maximum of 2 days per week (Sunday-Monday).  Fields and Cages are reserved separately.  A maximum of 2 cages can be reserved in the same time slot.   Only the East Field Bullpen (Visitor Side) can be reserved stand alone.  Exceptions to the above restrictions can be requested via email.  

Reservations can only be booked out 45 days in advance

All organized competitive teams are required to provide proof of liability coverage.  All reservations will be cancelled until coverage is confirmed.  Email proof of liability coverage to reservations@davislittleleague.org and complete the Davis Little League Release of Liability Form below.

Organized competitive teams are encouraged to donate to help DLL cover the expanded field maintenance costs in the off season.  Recommended $300 annual donation can be made in the DLL Store (Donate Now).  Access to the reservation system will be granted upon donation.

Not following the rules will result in suspension of access which could extend into a permanent ban.

It is recommended that you print this reservation and have with you should someone else be using the reserved facility during you time.

NO COACH PITCH or UNDERHAND TOSS for 13U teams or older.

NO Big Barrel Bats larger than 2 1/4 inch for 13U and older. NO Exceptions