UpdatedWednesday January 20, 2021 byDLL Registrar.

We need coaches. 

Managers: All divisions need a voluteer to manage a team. This parent is the Head Coach, and decides on training days and locations. They also can choose 1-2 assistant coaches to work with them. All of your children will play together and you all will coach together. If you do not have someone in mind as an assistant coach, the board will work to assign you an assistant coach. 

Assistant Coaches: AAA and Majors teams all have 1 assistant coach of record. AA, Farm, and T-ball will have 2. In this role, you assist your manager in running practices and coaching games, once we are allowed to play. They will also be the first person to step in and manage a practice or game if the manager is unable to attend.

Extra Coaches: Teams in all divisions can have as many extra coaches as they choose. These parents are helpers at practice and can step in for an assistant coach to manage the dugout or base coaching during a game when the assistant coaches of record are absent. This role is not assigned until teams are formed and they do not have any play in which players may play together. These coaches are just available to the manager once teams are assigned.

All coaches must complete a background check annually. Learn more about the background check process here