Team Parent Volunteers

UpdatedThursday February 27, 2020 byDLL Registrar.



This is a list of common tasks a TPV may be called upon to do:



  • We ask that the TPV takes over recruiting and recording of all team volunteers so your Manager can focus on practices before opening day.
  • The registrar will provide all TPVs a list of remaining volunteer positions that need to be filled based to the registrar



  • This is a catch-all meaning all non-baseball announcements will go to the TPV for dissemination to your team. We try to use TPVs for general announcements to bypass your coaches and keep them focused on coaching. 
  • If you have complaints or questions for the board on behalf of your team, you may contact anyone on the board to elicit a response. Likewise, we will contact either the TPV or the Manager to give information back to the team, depending on the nature of the message.



  • TPVs may be asked by the manager to send out pertinent emails or texts through the SSU Play app.
  • You may also be asked to schedule practices in the app for your manager.
    • You MUST register as a TPV in SSU Play in order to have this admin access.
    • You cannot schedule practices from the app. You have to log into your SSU Play account from a web browser.



  • Opening Day is March 7, 2020
  • We ask that one parent from each team sign up to help the board coordinate and execute opening day. Please direct them to this SignUp Genius link to sign up for a task. 



  • Score keeper training will occur the last 2 weeks before Opening Day.
  • Please be sure to direct your scorekeepers to this LINK on the home page slider regarding training
    • Farm/AA Basic Scorekeeping; Tuesday, 2/25 7-9pm at the AYSO Building
    • AAA/Majors Advance Scorekeeping: Thursday, 2/27 7-9pm at the AYSO Building
    • GameChanger Scorekeeper Clinic (electronic scorekeeping) - Majors only - to be held on either March 3rd OR 5th at the home of Jennifer Anderson (attendance at only one is necessary)



  • AA and FARM teams are required to have 2 trained umpires. 
  • Each team provides 1 umpire for each game. Having 2 umpires allows for flexibility in coverage
  • Please follow this LINK to read more about the trainings that are coming up the weekend days of 2/29 and 3/1.
  • AAA and Majors Teams are strongly encouraged to have at least one trained umpire to avoid delays in games or coaches having to umpire. While the league does provide umpires for these divisions, if we have a sick call or an injury, having someone in the stands will allow the game to still be played. No ump - no game. If you have umpire related questions, please email Tom Windell at



  • Per local rules, the home team will be responsible for field maintenance both before and after the game.
  • Training: we hope to have a video up on our site before opening day. We will communicate with you when this is live.



  • The Snack Shack will close at 8pm Mon-Thurs and Saturday; 9pm on Fridays. 
  • Every player can have a sno-cone if in uniform. 
  • In order to minimize lines, we ask that the TPV for each team go into the Snack Shack and make sno-cones for your own team to hand out at the bleachers (all divisions, not just T-ball) DLL will provide trays
  • If your game will end after the Snack Shack closes, you can obtain tickets from the SS to give to each child to cash in on another day. 
  • Each team will be asked to assign a parent to both make and bring sno-cones from the Snack Shack. 



  • TPVs will be provided order forms at the orientation meeting on 2/20/20. If you are unable to attend, you can find order forms in the managers office, where the scorebooks are located. 
  • Picture day is 3/14/20. Make up day is 4/25/20. 
  • TPVs are the point person for the team regarding coordinating this event. 



  • TPVs are responsible for coordinating the team party, including working with your manger regarding a date, securing a venue (a home/park/DLL complex after a game/Round Table/Lamp Post/Steve’s are all popular choices). 
  • TPVs will work with other families to decide if trophies/gifts will be provided to players
  • All coaches and assistant coaches typically get a gift from their team. TPVs will collect money and provide thank you gifts or assign someone else to this job.
  • Don’t stress on this one. Kids love pizza. Coaches love gift cards. To trophy or not to trophy. That is always the eternal question. We just ask that you lead the conversations