2020 Scorekeeping Clinics

UpdatedMonday March 9, 2020 byDLL Registrar.


Who are our Scorekeepers?

Davis Little League Scorekeepers are all volunteer parents who dedicate their time and efforts to keeping track of team statistics for their Little League team. Each team ideally needs 2 parents to step up and volunteer to be the team's scorekeeper. 

***T-ball does not keep score and does not need an official scorekeeper***

2020 Scorekeeping Clinics


New this Spring 2020 season, we are breaking up our scorekeeping clinics into 3 categories: Basic Scorekeeping, Advanced Scorekeeping, and Game Changer Electronic Scorekeeping.


Farm/AA Basic Scorekeeping Clinic - Tuesday, 2/25; 7pm-9pm at AYSO

This clinic is for the new or developing scorekeeper who needs to know the basics to score a simple game. We will cover fielding positions, the fun of scorekeeping “shorthand”, how to move players around the bases, and count balls, strikes, outs, and other basic statistics. This is a paper version-only. Perfect for the beginner scorekeeper.


AAA/Majors Advanced Scorekeeping Clinic - Thursday, 2/27; 7pm-9pm at AYSO

This clinic is for the intermediate scorekeeper who has scored at least 1 season in any division. Advanced plays will be discussed such as errors, stolen bases, passed ball/wild pitch. RBI’s, fielders choice, and more. This is a paper version-only clinic. All AAA/Majors teams must have 2 paper scorekeepers.


***If you missed these trainings, here are a few videos that will help review some basic scorekeeeping skills.

A 2-part series by Mikescottbaseball.com

Part 1: https://youtu.be/XtmtVHXQpD0

Part 2: https://youtu.be/ymuj9580qBQ




A 4-part Little League Training by Alhambra Little League:

Part 1: https://youtu.be/4kRDADzeFIw

Part 2: https://youtu.be/wD9EQ00etlw

Part 3: https://youtu.be/0JpNH2_ZGZA

Part 4: https://youtu.be/UJvZc6MZEMM


New this Spring 2020 Season


Game Changer Scorekeeper Clinic - Tuesday, 3/3; 6-8pm; South Davis Home

The Davis Little League is committed to moving to an electronic scorekeeping system for Majors using Game Changer. Please bring your iPad and we'll have fun exploring the app, explaining the statistical benefits that can be extracted from the app, and practicing scoring various scenarios. All AAA/Majors experienced scorekeepers are welcome. 


We request that every Majors team have at least one GameChanger and one paper scorekeeper. The paper book is still the official record for the game and that scorekeeper is the official scorekeeper for that game (i.e. the one who will communicate info and answer questions the umpire may ask of you). Game Changer allows us to collect stats on players that your manager can use to improve game play and can also play a role in D64 selection and future drafts.


  • If you plan to attend, please register HERE
  • Download the Game Changer app on the device you plan to use for scorekeeping at games. iPads are easier and more user-friendly, but phones can work too. Please bring this device to the clinic.
  • Attendees must be experienced scorekeepers in AAA or Majors and should have a firm grasp of scoring advanced plays such as errors, fielders choices, dropped 3rd strikes, and more. 
    • GameChanger is not for the new AAA/Majors scorekeeper. Please attend the advanced scorekeeper paper clinic on 2/27/20 if you’re still a novice.
  • AAA experienced scorekeepers are welcome to attend this clinic. We welcome anyone who wants to learn more.


This clinic will be held at the home of Jennifer Anderson. Please sign up HERE if you would like to attend. One scorekeeper from every Majors team is required to attend. Experienced AAA scorekeepers interested in learning more and trying it out this season are also encouraged to attend.


*** Handouts from the paper trainings are attached below. Rules PDFs include DLL League Rules that would appy to scorekeeping. In AA/Farm, important detials are bolded in RED. AAA/Majors Rules PDF only contains excerps from DLL league rules that would apply to scorekeepers.


AA Rules.pdf
AA:Farm Scorekeeping Training.pdf
AAA:Majors DLL Rules.pdf
AAA:Majors Scorekeeping Training.pdf
Farm Rules.pdf