How to register as a volunteer

UpdatedSunday August 22, 2021 byDLL Registrar.


The Davis Little League is an all-volunteer organization. From the board positions, to the coaches, to the field preppers, we can't do this without the help of every parent in the league.

Spring 2021 is presenting us with some changes to our usual volunteer roles. While we hope that we can play games this season, that cannot happen until Yolo County moves into the Red Tier.

Because of this, we are primarily focusing on the following volunteer roles: 

  • Manager - Deadline for registration 2/12/21
  • Assistant Coach - Deadline for registration 2/12/21
    • Managers and Assistant Coaches can form a coach cluster together to guarantee coaching with each other as well as their children playing on the same team together
    • T-ball, Farm, and AA may all have 2 assistant coaches or record. Majors and AAA teams may only have one assistant coach of record
  • Extra Coaches 
    • Extra coaches are voluteers that can help the coaching team but cannot request to play with a certain coaching team
  • Safety Parent
    • We introduced the Safety Parent in our Fall Training season. This parent is responsible to checking temperatures of players as they arrive to the field as well as helping the coaches with player behavior to keep the kids safely distanced when not on the field.
  • Team Parent Volunteer
    • This role traditionally helps the manager in any way they see fit. Examples of team parent tasks include Shutterfly set-up (optional upon coach request), scheduling help, team notifications sent to them from the registrar or other board members, team communication from the coaches, team liasion to the Registrar for any communication needs.
    • The TPV and the Safety Parent can be one in the same

If we are able to move to playing games, we will address the need for umpires and scorekeepers. 

All Managers and Assistant Coaches are subject to Board approval. Please register by 2/12/21 to be included in this process.


We need all volunteers to register in the SportsSignUp Play system. YOU CANNOT DO THIS THROUGH THE APP. YOU NEED TO LOG INTO YOUR SSU PLAY ACCOUNT FROM A WEB BROWSER.

The process is exactly the same as registering your child to play. Please follow these steps to complete this process

  1. Click on the green LOGIN button a the top of this page
  2. Log into your SSU Play account here. Here is the direct link to that login page
  3. When you're logged in, click "Apply to Volunteer"
  4. On the next page, click the bubble next to your name and follow the remaining prompts to complete the registration process.


All Managers, Assistant Coaches, and Safety Parents MUST complete a background check if one has not been completed in the last 12 months. TPVs do not need to do a background check unless If you completed one last fall, you will be good. If you completed one lasst spring, you will need to do it again. Please refer to our Background Check page for more information on how to complete that process. These 3 roles will not be allowed to take the field with the kids (or help with safety checks) if the background check is not completed by 3/8/21.

Any questions about this process, please email Brian Snethen, Davis Little League Registrar