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UpdatedThursday April 1, 2021 byDLL Registrar.

DLL Scorekeeping Training 2021

This is the one-stop page for scorekeeping training for Farm, AA, and Majors/AAA Divisions. Below you will find 3 videos for each division:

  • Part 1 is a rules review
    • If you are new to little league baseball, find time to understand the rules of your division as they differ from division to division, and from little league baseball to the MLB games we watch on TV. 
    • You will also find an abbreviated Rules page for each division attached below. Download and print this out to have with you if you need it. 
    • You can bypass the Rules videos and refer to the PDF below instead if you're familiar with LL rules of play.
  • ‚ÄčPart 2 is a review of scorekeeper definitions and abbreviations
    • These videos are useful if you are new to scorekeeping and want to understand baseball terminology better.
    • There are PDFs for definitions/abbreviations attached below for every division. These are the sheets that are reviewed in the videos. Print them out and keep them with you at games until you become more familiar with scorekeeping
  • Part 3 are mock games for every division
    • These videos go through a few mock innings in every division, using the rules appropriate for every division. 
    • If you are crunched for time, WATCH THESE FIRST. You can be ready to score a game by watching the Part 3 videos for your division and reviewing the Rules and Definitions/Abbreviations. You can always come back to watch Parts 1 and 2 later. 


Farm Scorekeeper Training

AA Scorekeeper Training

MajorsAAA Scorekeeper Training

2021-22 DLL Local Rules.pdf
AA DLL Rules.pdf
AA:Farm definitions:abreviations.pdf
DLL Score Sheet.pdf
Farm DLL Rules.pdf
Majors:AAA Definitions:abreviations.pdf
Majors:AAA DLL Rules.pdf
Scorekeeping Cheat Sheet.pdf