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UpdatedWednesday July 21, 2021 byDLL Registrar.

Fall Registration FAQ

       Please check our Important Dates page for a list of important Fall Ball 2021 dates.

  • I have COVID-19 Questions
    • Please see our COVID Safety page to read how DLL is working to keep players and volunteers safe. Here is a list of the topics covered:
      • Universal Guidelines
      • Policies for Coaches/Volunteers
      • Policies for Players
      • Policies for Families
      • Guidelines for practices, equimpment, and restrooms
      • What to do if you believe your player has been exposed to COVID-19
      • Responsibiity to report a COVID-19 positive test in a player or close contact of the player
      • Return to participation if a player tests postive, or becomes symptomatic, for COVID-19
  • What Divisions are offered in Fall Ball?
    • The Fall 2021 Season will include play in the AA, AAA, Majors, 50/70/Juniors divisions
    • Players Little League Age 7-14 are eligible to register
  • What level should my child play?
    • Majors is for kids who were assigned to a Majors team in the Spring 2021 Season OR who are ready to play in Majors in Spring 2022. Skill level is significantly higher than AAA. Play is faster and pitching becomes more consistent and accurate. Strategy becomes an integral part of the game.
      • NOTE - ALL LL Age 12 players must apply for Majors
    • AAA is for the players who are ready for AAA level play which includes some players who played AAA last season as well as some who played AA. Kids move up to the big fields w/lights. Skill levels increase as does the speed of the game.  At this level, players start to understand strategy as the game has fewer restrictions than lower levels.
      • NOTE – LL Age 10 players are required to attend Skills Assessments and register for AAA - even if this is your first year. We will make decisions in the draft room if coaches do not feel your player is safe to play at this level.
    • AA level is for those players who are not ready for AAA baseball and would benefit from a skills refresher. This AA level will stress skills development. There are NO TRYOUTS for AA players. Live pitching is introduced and kids move up on field size. Players become more familiar with positions. Plays are now being made on a consistent basis.
    • 50/70/Juniors - This division is for players who have aged out of Majors. Players Little League Age 13 & 14 play in this division where the fields are bigger, the distance between bases and pitching distances are greater, and skill/strategic play increase. These games are typically held at Civic Field or Playfields, where the field size matches this division. 
      • these divisions are tentative for the Fall. Please register so we have numbers, but full refunds will be offered if we do not have enough volunteers or if other D64 leagues do not form teams to play against. 
  • When does registration start?
    • Regular Registration opens July 26, 2021 and closes at the end of day on Friday, August 20, 2021
      • Late registration will remain open until Friday, August 30, 2021. A $30 non-refundable late fee applied to all registrations received after midnight on 8/20/21
  • When are Skills Assessments and who are they for?
    • 2021 Fall Ball Skills Assessments will be Thursday, August 26, 2021 for Majors Players and Friday, August 27, 2021 for AAA Players.
    • Players will be assigned a 30 minutes time slot for evaluations. More information will be emailed to registered AAA and Majors players that week.
    • Only AAA and Majors attend tryouts
      • ​The AA division does not participate skills evaluations.
    • All players will be assigned to a team, regardless of their tryout performance. Help your child relax. This is just a way for the managers to get a quick look at your child's skills to help with competitive team balances at these levels.
  • ​We live in Dixon or Winters. Can my child play in Davis?
    • ​Yes. Dixon and Winters LL's do not offer a Fall Ball Season, which allows players from those towns to play for DLL, even if your player does not attend school in Davis
  • We live in Woodland. Can my child play in Davis?
    • ​Depends. If your child attends school in Davis, yes, they can register for DLL. If they go to school in Woodland, they must play for the Woodland Little League who does hold a fall season.
  • When does the season start?
    • Practices will begin will begin the week of 9/6//21 for for all divisions
    • Games are scheduled to begin the week of ____
  • ​​How old does my child have to play to participate in the Davis Little League
    • The Fall 2021 Davis Little League Season is for players ages 7-14. DLL adheres to the 2022 Little League Age Chart (attached below as well). PLEASE FIGURE OUR YOUR CHILD'S LL AGE BEFORE REGISTERING. Your child's LL age can be different from their actual age as our age chart flips over to the new year in September of every year. 
  • Can I request a specific coach or to play with a friend?
    • No. In order to keep teams fair, our AA Division Rep will balance teams by dispersing players based on their league, age, experience, school, and feedback from former coaches. We endeavor to have kids play with a few others from their schools so they'll know "someone". Baseball is all about making new friends. Part of team sports is developing the individuals into a team. While we all value friendships and love our former coaches, growth comes from trying new things and playing with new friends and coaches. Baseball is a perfect training ground for developing new relationships in the future. AAA and Majors players are chosen in a draft that follows the skills evaluations, thus same rules apply.
      • The only way to guarantee 2 friends play together is if their parents register as manager/asst coach and agree to coach a team together. 
      • Siblings will be placed together on the same team unless one is not ready to play at the same level or the family requests separate teams.
  • When will I be notified of my child's team placement?
    • You should hear from your child's coach after Friday, September 3, 2021


DLL Fall 2021 Baseball is currently open to all players with birthdates between September 2007 - August, 2015.
Regular Registration closes at the end of day on Friday, August 20, 2021 at midnight
Late registration ($30 - non-refundable) will close at the end of the day on Friday, August 30, 2021. 

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