Davis Little League's Code of Conduct

UpdatedFriday October 8, 2021 byDLL VP - Director of Baseball Operations.

Davis Little League exists to enhance the lives of children through the beautiful game of baseball.  To allow us to hold each other accountable to this, we abide by our league's Code of Conduct, specific to each category of those involved, and agreed upon by participants at the time of registration to play or volunteer.  We hold each other to a high standard of respect, safety, and responsibility. 

Should you observe what you perceive to be a breach of the Code of Conduct, please communicate this concern to the coaches involved, and reach out to the player rep associated with your division.  Timely action is critical, as the board takes these situations seriously and can act to improve the situation for those involved, but we can only do this once we are made aware of the problem.  Contact information for all board members including player reps can be found on the website under "About DLL" .    

Thank you for all you do to make baseball awesome for your kids.  

Play ball, and (teach the kids to) enjoy this great game,

Carina Bender-Abrams, DLL VP - DIrector of Baseball Operations