Safety Code of Conduct

UpdatedThursday May 30, 2019 byDavis Little League.

Safety Code for Davis Little League

  • Responsibility for procedures should be that of an adult member of the local league.
  • Arrangements should be made in advance of all games and practices for emergency medical services.
  • Managers, coaches and umpires should have some training in first aid. First Aid Kit should be available at the field.
  • No games or practices should be when weather or field conditions are not good, particularly when lighting is inadequate.
  • Play area should be inspected frequently for holes, damage, stones, glass and other foreign objects.
  • Dugouts and bat racks should be positioned behind screens.
  • Only players, managers, coaches and umpires are permitted on the playing field during play and practice sessions.
  • Responsibility for keeping bats and loose equipment for the field of play should be that of a player assigned for this purpose.
  • Procedure should be established for retrieving foul balls batted out of the playing area.
  • During practice and games, all players should be alert and watching the batter on each pitch.
  • During warm-up drills players should be spaced so that no one is endangered by wild throws or missed catches.
  • Equipment should be inspected regularly. Make sure it fits properly.
  • Batters must wear approved protective helmets during batting practice, as well as during games.
  • Catcher must wear catcher's helmet, mask, throat protector, long model chest protector, shin guards, and male catchers must wear a protective supporter at all times.
  • Except when runner is returning to a base, head first slides should be avoided.
  • During slide practice bases should not be strapped down and should be located away from the base anchoring system.
  • At no time should "horse play" be permitted on the playing field.
  • Parents of players who wear glasses should be encouraged to provide safety glasses.
  • Players should not wear watches, rings, pins or other metallic items.
  • Catchers must wear catchers helmet and mask with a throat protector in warming up pitchers. This applies between innings and in the bull-pen.

Manager's Safety Reminder 

Remember, safety is everyone's job. Prevention is the key to reducing accidents to a minimum. Report all hazardous conditions to the Director of Safety or another Board member immediately. Do not play on a field that is not safe or with unsafe playing equipment. Be sure your players are fully equipped at all times, especially catchers and batters. And, check your team's equipment often.

Code of Conduct 

Following are some common-sense items that are required of all visitors to the Davis Little League baseball complex. Please help keep the area safe for all children!

  • Speed Limit 5 mph in roadways and parking lots while attending any Davis Little League function. Watch for small children around parked cars.
  • No alcohol allowed in any parking lot, field, or common areas within Davis Little League complex.
  • No Playing in parking lots at any time.
  • No Playing on and around lawn equipment.
  • Use Cross walks when crossing road ways. Always be alert for traffic.
  • No Profanity please.
  • No Swinging Bats or throwing baseballs at any time within the walkways and common areas of Davis Little League complex.
  • No throwing balls against dugouts or against backstop. Catchers must be used for all batting practice sessions.
  • No throwing rocks.
  • No horse play in walkways at any time.
  • No climbing fences.
  • No pets are permitted off leash at Davis Little League games or practices.
  • Only a player on the field and at bat, may swing a bat (Age 5 - 12). Juniors (Age 13) on the field at bat or on deck may swing a bat. Be alert of area around you when swinging bat while in the on deck position.
  • Observe all posted signs. Players and spectators should be alert at all times for Foul Balls and Errant Throws.
  • During game, players must remain in the dugout area in an orderly fashion at all times.
  • After each game, each team must clean up trash in dugout and around stands.
  • All gates to the field must remain closed at all times. After players have entered or left the playing field, gates should be closed and secured.
  • No children under the age of 16 are to be permitted in the Snack Bars.

Please comply with the above items. Unfortunately, failure to comply with the above may result in expulsion from the Davis Little League fields and/or complex. Lets keep Davis Little League baseball fun for everyone!