UpdatedSunday March 1, 2020 byDavis Little League.

There are basic equipment pieces that every Little League player must supply for themselves. 

The league will provide them with their team jersey and cap. Baseball pants, cleats, socks, belt, and a glove are the responsibility of the player. Socks, belt, and pants are purchased after you know what colors the team wants to do together, based on their team name. Gray pants are often the default, but your manager may decide to go with pinstripe pants, or a singular strip down the side, or another color all together, like white or black. Please do not purchase these items until after your first team meeting when it will be decided on the colors you're going with. 

Helmets, bats, and catchers gears will be available through the DLL. You may choose to purchase these on your own, and many families do. But they will be supplied for you if you're just getting started, or are unsure if your player will stick with baseball long enough to make these purchases worth while. 

Any questions regarding equipment or uniforms can be directed to our equipment manager, Kermit Kruse. You may email him with any further questions.