Updated Friday September 6, 2019 by Davis Little League.


There will be no formal scorekeeping training clinics in the Fall 2019 Season. If your team is having trouble finding an experienced scorekeeper, please contact Jennifer Anderson.

Who Are the Scorekeepers?

Davis Little League Scorekeepers are all volunteer parents who dedicate their time and efforts to keeping track of team statistics for their Little League team. Each team ideally needs 2 parents to step up and volunteer to be the team's scorekeeper. 

Game Changer Scorekeeper Clinic

The Davis Little League is committed to moving to an electronic scorekeeping system using Game Changer, a scorekeeping app that can be downloaded to your iPad or phone. This season, we strongly recommend that every Majors team has at least one person trained to score using Game Changer. Each Majors team should have at least 2 scorekeepers as a book should also be kept as a backup to the electronic system.

We will be having a Game Changer Training Clinic, mandatory for Majors, optional for AAA and AA, on Tuesday, September 10th from 6pm-8pm at the home of Jennifer Anderson. Please bring your iPad and we'll have fun exploring the app, explaining the statistical benefits that can be extracted from the app, and practicing scoring various scenarios. All are welcome. We strongly recommend that we have one trained GC scorekeeper for every Majors team. This will be mandatory in the spring, so get your feet wet this season. Please email Jennifer Anderson if you would like to attend. All divisions are welcome.

Scorekeeping Resources

Following are reference materials you can use to get up to speed on scorekeeping, or to refresh your knowledge. These materials are used in the DLL scorekeeping clinics


Scorekeeping Guide
Scorekeeping Tutorial