Umpire Resources

UpdatedSunday March 1, 2020 byUmpire-in-Chief.

Umpire Resources:

All umpires must complete the BACKGROUND CHECK and submit a certificate of Concussion Training.

Umpires who would like to be paid must fill out the W-9 form and the DLL Umpire Contract available below.

For the required concussion training, please follow this link and complete the training. Then please upload the certificate using the Upload link.

Concussion Training

Upload Link - Concussion Certificate

If you plan to be paid as an umpire, please fill out the following and bring to training:

W-9 form

DLL Umpire Contract

DLL Umpire Contract.pdf
Principles and terminology of Umpiring.pdf
Umpire Positioning-Checklist.pdf