Team Parent Volunteers

Updated Saturday January 12, 2019 by DLL Registrar.


Any volunteer that will interact with the players must complete the BACKGROUND CHECK form. Please send this link to any other parent that will be regularly out on the field helping the players (registered managers, coaches, and umpires are already required to complete this form). It is not required for TPVs, scorekeepers, or field maintenance. 

CONTACT INFORMATION: The TPV should have used this ONLINE FORM to fill in their information and provide contact information for their team’s Opening Day and 4th of July Volunteers

OPENING DAY: Please have your Opening Day Volunteer CLICK HERE to fill in the activity and time slot they would like. This will also be sent out directly to all Opening Day Volunteers that were entered in the on-line TPV form (linked above)

SCOREKEEPERS:  Please provide two scorekeepers for each game, except for T-Ball. Scores should be submitted electronically, and your manager will be sent information on how to access the on-line format.

UMPIRES:  AA and Farm Teams must provide 2 umpires- each team provides one umpire at each game. Information on the required umpire trainings is available HERE. There is also additional information for umpires if you click HERE - including information on the required CONCUSSION TRAINING and BACKGROUND CHECK form

AAA and Majors Teams are strongly encouraged to have at least one trained umpire to avoid delays in games or coaches having to umpire. If you have umpire related questions, please email

FIELD MAINTENANCE: Per local rules, the home team will be responsible for field maintenance both before and after the game. DLL will provide an instructional video shortly and that will be sent to your managers to share.

SNACK SHACK/SNO-CONES: The Snack Shack will close at 8pm Mon-Thurs and Saturday and at 9pm on Fridays. Each team will be asked to assign a parent to both make and bring sno-cones from the Snack Shack.  DLL will provide trays