Team Parent Volunteers

UpdatedTuesday March 30, 2021 byDLL Registrar.



Here is a recording of the TPV Orientation that was held on 3/18/21



Here is a list of common tasks a TPV may be called upon to do:



  • We ask that the TPV takes over recruiting and communicating of all team volunteers to the Volunteer Coordinator so your Manager can focus on practices before opening day.



  • This is a catch-all meaning all non-baseball announcements will go to the TPV for dissemination to your team. We try to use TPVs for general announcements to bypass your coaches and keep them focused on coaching. 
  • If you have feedback or questions for the board on behalf of your team, you may contact a board member based on your need. Likewise, we will contact either the TPV or the Manager to give information back to the team, depending on the nature of the message.
    • TPV coordinator: Jennifer Anderson - - your resource for your volunteer role as well as any other question that does not fall into one of the below categories
    • Umpire in Chief (UIC) - Tom Windall - - all questions regarding umpire training; finding a youth ump if you’re coming up short for a game; any questions regarding local rules
    • Equipment Manager: Kermit Kruse - - everything equipment and uniforms. You may also inquire here about aquiring a donated glove (which is COVID free as they all were in our equipement room since before last year). 
    • Facilities Manager - Brad Mauro - - all questions regarding field prepping or complaints about environmnetal dangers around the complex, including trees or physical hazzards that need to be addressed. 
    • Safety Director - Carina Bender Abrams - - any COVID or Safety Parent questions go here. She is also here to help with keeping players safe in this game we love. Any injuries are reported to her. 
    • Snack Shack Coordinator: Kim Saban -
    • Player Reps: All coaches know who their player rep is, but families should know too. If you have feedback about your coach or an interaction at a game, start with your Player Rep. They represent the players AND the coaches and are our first line to mediate an issue or push it up the ladder if there is a need. 
    • DLL President: Rob Stevenson - 



  • TPVs may be asked by the manager to send out pertinent emails or texts through the SSU Play app.
  • You may also be asked to schedule practices in the app for your manager.
    • You MUST register as a TPV in SSU Play in order to have this admin access.



  • There was no opening day this year, but we do use your help recruiting volunteers for this event. Just a tidbit of knowledge for the future.




Please let all your scorekeepers know that Basic and Advanced trainings will be this Sunday, March 21st. If they are registered, I will send them an email. Otherwise, you can share the following info with them:
  • Basic Scorekeeper training - Sunday 3/21 10am-noon
    • For Farm/AA scorekeepers
    • If you have a new scorekeeper in AAA/Majors, I recommend this training + the advanced training. I’ll skip over the basics in the advaanced training
  • Advanced Scorekeeper Traiining - Sunday, 3/21 5pm-7pm
    • For AAA/Majors scorekeepers (AA/Farm famiiles need not attend)



  • AA and FARM teams are required to have 2 trained umpires. 
  • Each team provides 1 umpire for each game. Having 2 umpires allows for flexibility in coverag
  • AAA and Majors Teams are strongly encouraged to have at least one trained umpire to avoid delays in games or coaches having to umpire. While the league does provide umpires for these divisions, if we have a sick call or an injury, having someone in the stands will allow the game to still be played. No ump - no game. If you have umpire related questions, please email Tom Windell at
    • Monday, March 29th
      • Farm umpires - 5:00-6:00pm on the Farm Field
      • AA umpires - 6:30pm-7:30pm on the AA field. 
      • If you can’t make one time, you can attend the other. 
      • there are many changes to the umpire role re: covid. We strongly recommend even experienced umps come to learn the rule changes regarding COVID as well as the many rule changes in Farm re: pitching



  • Per local rules, the home team will be responsible for field maintenance both before and after the game.
  • Training: we hope to have a video up on our site before opening day. We will communicate with you when this is live.



  • The SS will start with abreviated hours at the start of the competitive season. Please be patient while we train an all new, and slimmed down staff.  
  • Every player can have a sno-cone if in uniform. They just need to line up in front of the left sno-cone window.
  • We are not having Team Parents come into the SS to get cones for the team (delivered in trays) due to COVID. We are back to the players lining up and getting them one at a time.
  • We also have a more limited menu, but hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, and snocones are still available, along with fountain drinks, bottled drinks, and other individually packaged snacks. 
  • No more sunflower seeds. It's a COVID thing. No spitting in the dugout. So we're not selling them this year.



  • At this point, we do not anticipate a Picture Day this year. The Volunteer Coordinator will communicate with you if that changes.



  • TPVs are responsible for coordinating the team party, including working with your manger regarding a date, securing a venue (a home/park/DLL complex after a game/Round Table/Lamp Post/Steve’s are all popular choices). 
  • This year, that may look different and we defer to all teams to make the best, most reasonable decision regarding this cherished tradition.